rabbit stencil

i give you all my nervous
parameter. in the chewing,
we were blades. tracing paper 
sprawling across the day. 
my outlines like stairwells.
you wanted a rubric for a future us.
the rabbits perch cupping 
single little jewels in their hands.
some of them hold secrets
passed down from father to father
to father. the rabbits are careful
to not think of the secrets too often.
they are afraid someone can 
hear them thinking. the rabbit arrives
to my doorway on the day i am 
barely visible. my outline
turned to snakes. the rabbit confesses 
the sun was born out of envy.
two stars making bets over comets.
this is why we have to feed
like we do. the rabbit weeps
that he has given away all he has.
i tell him we can invent a new secret.
crouch down. i whisper something
i cannot tell you or else 
it wouldn't be secret. rejoicing.
the rabbit suggests i try 
becoming a picture book. 
i tell him i will consider it.
nostalgia for the earliest destructions.
how they once promised catelogging.
my outline in a book of outlines.
now it's just you & a gallery 
of rabbits. you say i should 
be more positive. taking charcoal 
to make me a pond vibration.
the rabbits press their secrets
beneath their tongues.
i am undone. pond vibrations.
the ripples that soundwave
from every edge. you say
the rabbits are staring at us
from the front yard. i tell you
to close the curtains & help
me figure out again 
where my face begins. 

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