flower emoji

i'm saying yes i want so badly
to be put in the window. you wingow. 
fed packets of sugar as i 
cultivate all my pink & red.
drawing a picture of myself 
of myself. the twin mirror who 
follow each other into likenesses.
a picture of a flower comes
to smell like a flower. attracts 
bees who want to drink cellphone dry.
i put a flower into transmission
& you wake up in a nest of blossoms.
they digitally grow from your ceiling.
between my knuckles. typing 
"i love you" or "i love u"
or "i luv u." the garden networked.
designs of god. replica & replica.
every identical emotion 
that has escaped & come back to me.
hives arrive to swarm. the kind of honey
that can only arrive via notification.
we are thousands of miles apart
& i am trying to say "i'm sorry."
imagine a delivery man who i hire
to leave a single flower
on your doorstep for every sentecne
i write you. to come apart is a series
of flag polls farther & farther away.
they say glows like a phone flash light.
small point of light to follow.
only to discover the flower 
does not change. you could return
every single day just to find it
like this a face of a face. 
you open your pocketbook & there i am.
the doorbell rings. the door is just
a telephone call. you are just
split seconds away. but not at all.
telling you i am not sorry.
then eating the telling until
it bursts into garden. i plug
the flower in & wait. i know 
it is over for you & me. 

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