rabbit's foot harvest

we must take control
of our own luck. in the graveyard
we look for rabbits recently returned
from their convening with the dead.
pick a set of rules & believe in it.
slaughter on fridays. on fridays
when it rains. on friday the 13ths.
i had a friend once who had
a purple rabbit's foot. 
she wore it as a keychain on her backpack 
& told me there was a rabbit limping
in the yard, watching her, waiting
to steal the charm back. aren't we all
waiting to take a limb back?
soon it will be a full moon or 
a new moon. soon there will be 
a cross-eyed man to do the deed. 
shape-shifting witch who walks 
along the edge of the cornfields
with only one hand. what does it mean 
to steal from another's body to keep our own?
all i want is assurance that tonight
the world will not swallow me.
i want to eat oranges. i want to sleep heavy
& easy so i create a ceremony from which luck 
will fall like a dead tree.
shot with a silver bullet. the rabbit
always running from the meanings
of her skeleton. hiding in her hollow 
& counting her legs. one, two, three, four.
sometimes my eyes fill with fingers 
& i am also a rabbit with four feet
for the taking. then, limping in my friend's 
front yard. once bones are taken they are 
never our own again. i put my finger bones
in a box & set it on a porch.
the house was full of rabbits.
apologies almost always come 
too late. it is not a friday. the moon is
thin & haggard. we buried the purple foot.
did not cry in front of each other
but later wept in our homes
thinking of the animal circling the house
craving the body she one had.
maybe luck is always something taken. 

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