the moon is talking on tv

we already put our fingers in the honey
haven't we? some days i repeat the phrase
"left to lose" without the "nothing."
pairing my socks & pretending they are
truly lovers. i do not want to take a walk
or pretend a painting on the wall is beautiful.
i have plenty of friends who are planets.
in my chest, i make a patio & then add
a table & chairs. we are drinking
lemonade made from powder. 
we are eating fruit snacks. the planets say,
"let's buy a shiny new." don't tell me 
you don't love a sentence fragment.
i prefer to speak with broken glass
in my teeth. it's more natural that way.
on the television, the moon speaks of 
foot steps & dreams. desires to be 
a field of legs. i tell the moon
even though she can't hear me,
"me too. me too." promising to never take
a skunk cabbage for granted. 
the planets want smaller lives
just like i do. i buy a bird to put
inside a cage. i can't stand it though
& i release him. he flies around the room.
starts bringing letters from dead stars.
they are bitter & angry & say things like,
"it is all over." i crumple them up
& light them on fire. there is too much &
not enough burning. no one asks to be
a star. the tumbling heat. 
everyone gazing. plants hungry
at your ankles. wearing a collar & leash
held by a gravity god. i want to be
the size of a marble. to be in your palm
while you walk down to the river.
wade in & become a dragon. the moon
makes promises she can't keep.
then, pulls the clouds over her face.
the television goes static along with
the sky. my friends set to work 
holding their breaths. i try 
to make a life without enough. 

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