scavenger hunt

find a ship without legs
& then ride it to the hole in your sock.
we were talking about 
driving eight hours to find the body.
your dorm room full of socks.
i refused to eat for days
in the hopes i would transform 
into a butterfly. i would like
a break from daylight. find a night
that lasts as long as you need it to.
drilling holes in both hands 
to feign stigmata. telling moths
they can fly through the openings.
find an envelop you never sent.
the post office covered in gold.
limited edition travels. the airplane 
we took to visit desire. eating ice cream
in front of dinosaurs. my uncle 
ran around with his hands on fire
& no one helped him put them out.
when i say i am searching i mean
i bought a shovel. i go outside
each darkness into the city streets
as if i'm going to find a whale graveyard.
squirrel skull. owl pellet
with a vole heart still beating inside.
what terrifies me most is
i'm not sure i'll recognize it
when i come upon what i'm looking for.
maybe a comet. find yourself
a celestial body. one to wear
when this one is done. find sleep.
find silverware. find a lover,
one who doesn't close their eyes.
who walks around like a search light.
i had that & we totaled the car 
& the ship didn't have any legs
so we had to paddle on dry land.
find an ocean. toss your skull
into the water. listen to the crabs
as they play fiddles for mermaids.
the letter arrives without a stamp.
a car pulls away. find a citrus fruit
to serve as the sun. hang it 
from the window. use crayons to 
outline his body against
the bedroom wall. find a way
to save each touch. his hair 
in an old jam jar. to keep is 
to never have to hunt for again.
i have so so so many basements full. 

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