rattlesnakes singing all night

lately, i try to befriend my catastrophes. 
this is not so bad. this is not so bad. 
microwave full of bees. the rattlesnakes beneath the bed 
asking for "just one ankle." i say, "i am asleep." 
our moon cracks her skull slipping on the top stair. 
every attic has a dead man's coat. tell me you still feel
some joy when, in the morning, you ask your body 
to become the person again. a goldfinch is on the news preaching
about the end times. he eats worms like each is his last.
i say he is a doomsdayer but then, at night, i stare
into my phone looking on amazon for a portable water purifier.
add to cart the backpack i will escape with as rattlesnakes sing. 

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