stealing saturn's rings for you

in another life, i was a humming bird & you were a bee.
we drank from the same soda can. maybe i'm wrong.
maybe we were mosquitos with legs like eyelashes.
all i know is we were hungry. climbing a ragged rope, 
i finally reach the planet. breathe her atmosphere's 
pale yellow crystals. she is guarding a core.  
she says, "this one piece is mine." i recall how i must climb 
into my body each night. my celestial machine. i perch 
& look out at the rings. how far my rings stray. i pry off 
just one ring of saturn. teach it to orbit you as you sleep. 
i say, "you can open your eyes." we are surrounded 
by golden snakes. you say, "it's everything i wanted." 

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