keep out sign

i need a podcast to tell me where to carry our skulls.
crystal & wax. beyond is the beyond. here is ash. 
so, i go elsewhere-ing myself all the way to 
the house of the abandoned woman. a vigil skeleton. 
nothing but knot & rot. she shakes her head at me, "no no no." 
in the house, mice play pretend as humans. cook casseroles
& say the rosary. there was not enough warning words.
"out" is a place i have always been crawling towards. 
outside. outcast. outrun. then, "keep," is to be broken toy. 
keep me in canisters. keep me as fire wood. who is to say 
if the room is full of nails or apples? so, i enter. 
a snake in the corner plays banjo. says, "go on."  

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