madlib puberty

you (verb) your best friend.
it is an (adjective) night & everyone
is drinking (noun). walking out
to the lookout point where you can
see the whole town. little lights.
no one knows the truth about (noun).
you try so hard to be (verb or adjective).
stare into windows until they (verb).
ghosts of other (gender). 
you talk until the moon is dead.
until the double yellow lines (verb).
you body is (adjective) & too (adjective).
washing your face in a mirror,
dipping into that (gender).
only the other (genders) know you 
don't want to be where you are.
you crave (noun) & a chance at (adjective).
instead of praying like you once did
you toss (nouns) into the river.
watch them float away like fallen leaves.
your in (noun) with you best friend
or you're just in (verb) & you can't
tell yet. every inch of your body 
(verbs) you. there is no one
but the moon to ask for advice 
& she is dead. 

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