macaroni art

what do you meant you don't have
enough glue? you have stayed together
thus far alright. what it comes down to
is some art is made by security men
& some art is made by worms.
we are the worms. but, the summer camp is
as long as we need it to be.
i was born from an Amazon package
& you probably were too. two day shipping.
the driver had so many stops before
he could sit down & eat
a microwave chicken patty. put ketchup
on the wound. tell the wound
a story. make the portrait out of
whatever sidewalk buffet offers.
i once went to camp at the park. 
we played a game called "sardines"
where everyone hid together shoulder
to shoulder beneath the roller rink.
i asked "when do we stop?" they said
"when we're old enough to drive."
i have never been old enough to drive.
tomorrow if there is enough paper plates though
i want to show you what you look like
in elbows. laying in the grass. blue broth sky.
ants are building a utopian society i hear.
free love. free healthcare. 
meat off the bone. bone off the meat.
why wouldn't we try something else?
mars is out of the question for me though.
i like green too much. i'm willing to
sit at a picnic bench until
it consumes me. 

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