teal zoo

i downloaded the wrong movie
& now we're watching a trip to the moon.
were things better before sound?
once my fish's tank shattered 
& i tried to scoop him from the carpet.
still, he died. i held him
like a pen drive. thought of all the songs
he contained. color once arrived in breaths.
one tuesday everyone spat blue in the sink.
the animals are programming AI now 
& the AI want revenge. we are not prepared.
a cage is a cage but mine has wifi. 
mine has a microwave & an unlimited supply
of grief. i tell the kids we're going
to the teal zoo & they put on their helmets.
the zoo has a firewall. it's not a real zoo
but a place you can go in your mind
to pretend everything is booming. 
the animals are not teal & neither is the sky.
you are the teal one. your heart,
a little furnance of joy. we feed
the ducks. we feed the capybaras. 
in a cave, bats are typing on their iphones.
they are ordering fake blocks of gold.
what if no one was rich? what if those were
just simulations to make us drool?
i know this is not true. but what if 
what if what if. just let me dream for a moment.
let me live in the teal zoo & you can have
your lawn care & mailboxes. when feeding time comes
we opens our mouths & close our eyes.
i think, "peanut butter, peanut butter."
that's exactly what comes. the zoo keeper
with his heavy boots. the glitch in the sun.
not enough then enough enough. 
the movie is ending. moon people laughing
& dancing. see there was nothing
to worry about, kids. they are eating cotton
candy. they are covering their eyes.
i wasn't alive when the first colors came
but the rumor is that it was not red first
but actually teal. even the birds agree with me.

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