gas mask fashion trending

armageddon in the mirror & a compact
with a smiling everything inside. 
don't tell me what is beautiful. i already
have seen glamor. we buy our gas masks online
before they're sold out because we live
right on the lip of wave. before the crash.
before all the bobbles are useless. 
i look like a goddex. i look like a survivor.
when the smog descends we all go out
to test our majesty. three of us
don't come home but that is life 
in a state of fire. i want a blue one
& a teal one & a purple one. i want a picture
with the moon dipping dreamless behind me.
breathing used to be so mundane. 
used to be thoughtless. now, i can see
the internet on the inside of my exhales.
each a silken glove. let's not get too excited
before another texture drops tomorrow.
a post about salvation is always a post
about trying to burry the church. 
inside the church we eat hard boiled eggs
in all colors. i prefer red. i say aloud,
"this is a heart." this is a heart.
the chicken before the horse. a picture of me
in my mask goes viral. so viral that even
the ghosts are saying, "is that 
really you?" there are too many opportunities
for dialog. let's just sit & be beautiful.
you always know someone is really it 
if they don't have to say a word.
the mask eats my words & spits them out
as butterflies. the bug burn up in the smoke. 

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