software update

i'm sorry i'm giving you a new life already.
there was a glitch in the last one
& sometimes we got away with too much.
crows come in a murder
bearing the bones of an old promise i made to you.
do you remember when we walked
through the night like carnivores?
i caught a song bird & you ate the music.
all the disasters are dormant for right now
& i can pretend i am living the exact same
version of the life we had together.
we go to the water & fish out loved ones faces
just to hold them up to say,
"you are just like my father" or
"you are just like my mother." everyone is
a father or a mother. those are the two genders.
in this version though i'm told you can be
a monster. i do not believe the new life
is better but i do believe in the early bliss.
let's burn down an ice cream parlor. let's kiss
where only the rain water dwells deep in the earth.
rock salt will take care of all our worries.
my love, you are not the same as when
i first swiped you from an apple tree.
you are covered with eyes. i am a sea 
of dogs. you shut your eyes. i hold my breath.
the screen goes black. i find you hand 
or a stranger's. there is a new mouth
& a new radio chanel on;y we can talk on.
tell me you still remember the blue couch. tell me
you still like the taste of green. 

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