i go to the roadkill city
in search of a deer skull.
reach my hands into the ribs 
of a broken animal 
to lift out a new mask.
in the rain, everything
gets a chance to be washed
& new. a fountain can be anywhere
there is a desire to be 
un-gendered or re-gendered.
i come back to a closet full of 
lace & tadpoles. drink the fabric 
of a moth laden wedding.
o here is where i become
the breath i needed. here is where
i carry god's bones to the scrying mirror.
dip them in shadow & say
no more will you tell me where
i can & can't grow my teeth.
a jaw comes back like a crescent moon.
the deer walk, body-less & bloodied
by the light of street lamps.
i am one of them & a witch & a flock
of crows & a tranced rabbit.
i eat with my fingers. elbow deep.
reaching in for the heart.
a pot of silver bullets. a basket 
of dried lavendar. a hole in the sun
through which i thread my name. 

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