digital crucifixation 

is there a key board command for this?
i count the jesuses 
in my parents house.
they collect dust & try
to get some sleep. i want to ethernet myself
into a story about giving
what is not yours to give.
you are one click away 
from the ultimate sacrifice.
jesus is loading. is a spinning ball
of death. is availible 
in seven to ten business days.
is experiencing some glitches.
i'm lit by a screen. the screen is
another ocean full of
beautiful sea monsters. i do not want
to talk to god. i never wanted
to talk to god. he texts me sometimes
& says, "quickly, i need your help."
i watch a live stream of 
the crucifixation. someone says,
"turn the camera off" while
another says, "keep filming."
mary magdalene covers her face
& becomes a pixel.
the motherboard is in the shape
of a cross. i tell the machine
to update & shutdown.
wait in the dark of my room
to keep watching but there is nothing 
by the time i log on again.
there is a screen saver 
or else just the picture
of the inside of a mouth. 
i cannot tell if it is moving or not.
you know what they say though,
once something is online
it's always online. i'm suggest a video,
"how to tell if you father
wants to kill you." i select,
"i'm not interested." open a private browser 
& copy the link to watch. 

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