ostrich egg

let's eat like chicken envy. the coop 
is pre-formatted & ready to welcome 
whatever wolves have a promise to unkeep.
i am always hungry & i wonder
if it has anything to do with
watching the moon sweel into an oval.
the yolk bleeds down our shirts.
that is why we always bring a change of clothing
to the ceremony. i am drawing circles
around everyone i can find.
safety if often a matter of minutes.
a hundred years ago if we stood here
a dinosaur might have heard us & came
to check & ensure we were christians.
i keep the beast in the closet with my old shoes.
feed him thimbles & spoons of honey.
he will give me eggs as long as i
keep imagining my heart inside a little cage.
sometimes i wonder if i was a chick
without an egg tooth & this is all
just the white if the egg. i ate 
the sun too fast. all the oranges
that spilled from my eyes & thunked
on the wet spring earth. have you ever
held an ostrich egg in your hands?
it is like holding a porcelain doll.  it is like
carrying your own skull. 
the bird weeps & i say, "just one more"
but i don't mean just one more.
we'll need enough to last a lifetime.
the ostrich hands me a jug of fireflies.
making do is a part of having a rib cage.
there will be more though. there will be more. 
i am just not sure whether or not
the more will come for us. 

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