fire / side

coming to the mouth of the demigod
i ask if there is anyway we are going
to have a fuel prices. the earth splits open
& bats come out. listen to me,
i have never once seen a man not drive
off the edge of the cliff when given a chance.
i carve my name into every tooth
so that when they come, even if they take
everything, these will always still be mine.
to claim is to become. to become is to 
resolve to another licked envelope.
sometimes i mail petitions to god to ask
if i could try over again. if i could ride my bike
across the river of feathers. a stoplight bears fruit.
we all gather & eat quickly, knowing 
the cops will soon come back to make this illegal.
joy comes to me when i am close to 
a fissure. hair falling out. ferris wheel 
splitting into pieces of the pie. i do not believe
in taking anything back. my tongue is 
a terrarium lover. we will make 
whatever language we need to make sense
of what the big voice is going to say next.
the radio grow frog legs & tries to run away.
i pick it up. decide it is my child.
bottle feed it until the day is a bent nail . 

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