horse-drawn suture 

i came with my mint floss
& my hooves to the rift.
the floor broke open one night
& we all ignored it. simply moved
the sofa to the other side of the room.
fed plums to the fireplace.
listened to the sugar as it turned
into birds. i pointed & said,
"what is this?" & everyone put on
their binocular faces & looked at
the neighbors who were killing
each other again. stray cats outside
always the spectators or maybe 
the angels. i don't know if i live
inside a wound or a body. inside 
a family or a sneap pea's belly.
behind a paywall or out for 
the whole town to gawk at. 
all i know is that we need a horse 
to haul the void shut. tossing shoes 
at the open mouth of a boyfriend.
every time i've tried to say the thing
the thing grows insect legs
& i can't get back there. i need to say,
"this is all coming undone."
the word abuse has too many eyes.
sees the quarry & the blood sacrifice 
& the doing our best. i no longer want
to be doing my best. i tried with all my might.
i just wanted to seal the chasm.
instead, i saw it grow even as i tried
to thread floss & shoelaces in an attempt to
pull one side to the other again. 
the horses road through
the living room frothing at the mouth.
two of them fell inside. their voices 
like dropped pennies. all the while
every watched tv. it was wheel of fortune. 
cheering. laughing. a studio audience.
i could swear sound came too
from the hole. 

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