funerals for teeth

goodbye to the choke of cherry pits 
& knuckles. how we chewed through
every ceramic plate the angels handed us.
bit down on gravel. road a bicycle 
into town to burn down trees
at the park. a basketball sun smacking
the raw spring dirt. come & show me
where you plant them. your tooth.
canine & molars & bicuspids. 
i will take you to the masoleum where 
another girl made me into a wind chime.
kissed the face off me. we robbed graves
of their teeth. tossed them at passing cars
like wedding rice. the dead laughing 
toothless in their sleep. i take mine 
& burry them like squirrels hoard food
before the first frost in november.
one here & one there. one for me to find
in an old pair of shoes. another in
the medicine cabinet to remind me 
i am an assembly-required human.
one. just one, i plant like a peach heart.
i water it with sparkling soda & push 
chocolates into the dirt. you have to promise me
you won't try & find my tooth.
some days it is the only thing that
keeps me going. my little future life.
one day it will bloom. will it be
a green leaf? a head of hair? a finger?
i am not sure. all i know is this little self
loves to sing but only when it is dark.
we go to drink the moon together
from coffee mugs. cream & sugar. sweet. 
tell me then, how do you tend 
the run away parts of your body? 
you do not have to show me where
you keep them. i just want to know
if you kneel to them like me. 

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