pink vinyl

she opened her mouth &
all the worms came out.
pink is a place where we go
to be threatening. the ear
of a shell where all the sea monsters
leave their pocket change.
i once again am laying
on the tongue of a straight girl
who doesn't know how quickly
a heart can become a harvest.
in school i was taught
to never say "heart" when i mean
something else. i don't know
what else i could possibly mean.
i mean the stake for the vampire. i mean
driving through the convenience store window
& stealing only the bubble gum.
i mean a gun in a refridgerator.
saving the ending for later.
i sit in her ear & whisper lists
of everything i wish we were:
lovers, pilots, pillow-fort sargents,
architects, & assassins. let's not
carry more rocks than there are windows.
i've learned to build an altar
to pink. play the pink vinyl sounds
only when the garbage truck is coming.
you will not take my paws or
my cream. i pull the blinds shut.
listen to a song knit from times she said,
"i love you" & meant it as a friend.
imagining flipping over each letter
as if it were stone. the grubs 
& the newts & the crawlers beneath. 

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