dollhouse w/o

i go to watch my inocence
like a zoo creature. she is cutting 
the heads off babies & making them
into offerings. she is picking flowers
& feeding them to angels.
the dollhouse is always a place 
without one wall. that is what
i was born into. a door off its hinges.
wing dissected from bird. feathers 
i tried to stuff into the seams.
the flashlight i used when it was 
a father night. how lightning bugs 
knocked on the windows & said,
"are you plastic yet?" they wanted to know
if i was alright. my dolls 
were hollow which is to say i did
not have them. they were bundles
of sticks & a match stick box. 
i have always cared for discarded 
girls. gabage girls & race track girls 
& gasoline girls. she bakes a plastic pie.
the pie is perfect in the way only
the artifical can be. let's replica 
what we never had. pretending to eat.
how long, little animal, 
have you pretended to eat? 
i have most of my life. the viewer
pretends there is a wall 
where there is none in the dollhouse.
the occupants do not. 

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