green thursday almost elegy 

nice to see so many ribs 
in one place. last time i saw a bouquet 
it was made dogwood branches 
& the flowers were near dead, browning
at the edges. what are we supposed to 
with the knowlege trees have their toes planted 
in the earth. almost no bugs will survive 
if we continue to be mean to them.
who is your favorite day of the week?
mine is thursday because it suggests 
everything will be over soon. 
all thursdays are green. there is a store
called "tuesday morning" full of wild trinkets
& i once went on a date there. 
i bought him a stuffed whale. 
back at his house the stuffed whale
became a full huge whale. it broke the bathtub 
we tried to keep her in. eventually
she grew wings & headed for the beach.
i saw a video of wildwood & no one 
was wearing face masks. people are dying
like dogwood. there is a warped whisk
in the utensil drawer & i can't wait
to use it on you. there was a grizzly bear
in my sock so i asked him to exit.
we drove to the poconos & he told me stories
of his youth when gas was less than 
a dollar a gallon. he asked 
how long i plan to stay alive
& i told him i'm trying i'm trying.
my grandmother lived to be like 90
& i wonder how much of it she enjoyed.
i don't think my life is about feelin happy.
happiness is all about forgetting.
i don't want to forget anything that's why
i keep detailed notes of the number of arms
on every single tree i meet. we will lose track
if i am not dedicated. in this town everyone has 
a bow & arrow aimed at a fake dear.
the fake dears will one day be granted hearts 
& just as they come alive a hunter will
impale them on their own front lawn. 
people practice shooting the air around here.
i do it too but i don't use a real gun,
i just make on with my finger 
& i put it to my head &
confetti comes out my other ear.
just a party trick. no worries.
glitter confetti. 
we will have to vacuum it up.

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