we became bee keepers

helped each other 
into the garments. a net
around the face. 
your face obscured by
net pattern, like static 
or snow. speckled teeth.
warped eyes. yes, i could tell
you were smiling. you asked
where i hid the bees 
& i said i would show you 
if you were patient.
next each of us slipped into
white jumpsuit, fabric swallowing
our bodies. yellow gloves.
we held hands, protected 
from the threat of skin.
i took you out far away
from our lives,
following a trail 
of mist. i told you
to close you eyes.
i said "here are the bees"
& there were
no bees. just the yellow
of the sun 
& the black of our eyelashes
& the yellow of our gloves.
the nests were empty.
but you played along.
you smile warped
through the netting. you pretened
to be covered in bees.
i said "we're going to eat
honey every single night."
the earth was falling away 
in juju bee fragments.
my tongue, soft & fearful.
was your body even there
beneath all the clothe?
soon, we would be
the last bee keepers.
i told you not to cry.
i held my hand up
& said "look here's
a bee."

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