my leather butterfly hums open.
rochester test on the back
of a man. you stood 
on all fours on the bed 
& told me to make you 
my horse. your eyelashes
like telephone wires. your teeth
square as rubix cubes. 
a bed frame
is a scaffold towards
a slipping height. i dream a bed
as tall as the mountain. 
i dream of riding you there.
the first time i loved a boy
he cut a map into my bones.
he said here is where
i kiss you 
& here is how
you thank me. the maple leaves
turned brown in fear. 
crumpled & turned.
a horse stood on the edge
of the school yard. 
tall as
a god. 
hooves like lodestones
holding him to earth. 
i thanked him
for his vigiliance. 
what will you do
to please a boy? is it different
if he is a man? 
you ask
to be straddled. i tell you
i am a mammal. i am really
a mammal. you admits 
your blood is the color red.
we are tangled between
each others joints. you have
two knees 
& i have two shoulders.
bite collar. clutch hip.
hold on to me you say.

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