r u busy right now?

when ur friends tell you to start a friday
u should tell them u r very busy 
with the moon. there is so much of it 
to sever & u r tired of being
the person everyone goes to 
when the week is killing itself.
u step out into a red scheme & count
ur blessings on ur toes. everyone u know
has been really down lately. 
depression coils in the freezer 
next to ur pints of ice cream. provisions
for the coming ice rage.
u r looking for a new lover
even though u still have an old one.
at the Good Will everyone is hungry
for a heart. u buy sneakers
& put them on a ghost so you can see
him walking. keep an eye on
that fucker. this weekend
will turn itself inside out
& u will see all its organs.
this morning the planet is getting thinner 
& the forecast calls
for dead pigeons. when u find one
u need to bring it inside
to make ash of its body. 
paint the ash on the inside
of ur front door for safety.
there r so many precautions these days
to stay alive. all ur friends
with their glowing friday. 
choking on marshmallow & dares.
the bound fire shrinks 
to the size of a period. a blood stain
echoes on the ceiling. 
u r done all ur musts & u r lonely.
ur thoughts echo back at u.
maybe u should have gone to the friday
but they r wild & violent people.
who knows where it would have
ended. u might have lost ur whole
october to that kind of fever.
then again, someone might have kissed u.
someone might have
touched u with his, her, they teeth
& turned u into the bright obelisk
u want to be. the moon 
weeps in daggers. goodnight.

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