your parents yard is always a cite of [ ].

is that a bat or a bird
making it's way towards 
the crown of our backyard tree?
blue june night. phoenix in
the garbage can.
a bond fire's ghost twisting
in the soil.
our tall pine full of secrets.
your parents yard is always
a cite of [  dandelions   ]. where do you
take your runaway shoes?
i buried a lot of barbies
& never dug them up. how did
i get to be this old. 
play the time lapse video
of my just standing back here
& getting taller & taller.
your parents yard is always
a cite of [ creatures ].
taller as a tree (no no not quite).
more like tall as a dandelion.
who mows your heart?
if it is a bat will it come down
& please tangle itself in my hair.
i want a jolt of fear to get me through.
bats are kind creatures though
or so i'm told. keep to themselves
like all good animals. our attic
used to be brimming with bats
until my father scared them away.
all animals are easily scared.
especially humans.
your parents yard is always
a cite of [  attics  ].
soon i will live 
in my own special attic.
so many places are waiting dormant.
if it is a bird though,
i hope it sings. nothing fancy
just a few hopeful lines 
of a hymn or pop song. it's all the same. 
just no country music (unless its gay).
what am i going to do with this night?
oh darkness carve a firework for me
or at least a new planet.
i want to discover something
before i try to sleep.
is it a bird or a bat up there
watching me between the thin arms
of the ghostly pine tree? 

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