content creation in the apocalypse 

i'm going to live stream the surgery.
wave hello from the other side 
of a zero. what folded in half
to make you? a shoe is just a shoe
unless it's a heel then it's
an motion towards the immortal.
when i can't breathe air
i settle for water or milk. 
face down in the bath tub machine.
a bubble of joy will be available 
only with the bonus code.
i'm waiting for the upload now.
i have waited my whole life
for the upload. every night 
i thank god for forward facing cameras.
how else would i know
the right pose? here is how
i maneuver my fat. here is how
i conceal my fears. caption 
this dream. the doctor is removing 
each organ & holding up to the camera.
can you see it can you see it?
what are we going to do 
with our wayward feed? replay
the catastrophe. my heart
has eighteen views. please
open me wider than my spine will allow.
i want to vessel this day 
so deep it becomes only mine.
between mirror & camera & 
capture are different stages 
of grief. does my face really warrant
this kind of truth? i'm probably
just going to shut this off.
throw an off-screen massacre
on the elevator towards tomorrow.
i sleep in the narrowest shaft
between minutes. no no i will sleep
inside an ice bassinette
waiting for complete the collapse. 

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