i jumped off the top a rollercoaster

became a flying saucer 
& observed. took a polaroid picture & watched
as it flickered moth-like 
towards the sun. 
the earth combusts several hundred times a year.
impenetrably hot, the day ached
from every corner. we'd held hands
& talked of asphalt-cooking 
our own eggs. a line to see 
god got longer & longer. you had a ticket
but i had a face for eluding judgement.
we ate french fries off our knees.
a carousel slowed to a halt 
& all the animals snapped their bridles.
have you ever ridden a man
so long you thought you might
both be livestock? a monkey played
the kazoo on a corner & dreamed 
of inheriting his owners house.
he wants to garden. he wants
to lock the front door. in the air
i tried not to think of touch down.
the rollercoaster serpented onward
without a worry, going to eat a hole
in a mountain. there i was dangling.
little ufo. nothing much to report.
soon to be shot out of the sky. 
nothing supernatural lasts 
especially long. the government has
a detector that'll ring
if too many people are experiencing
life-changing awe. fingers pointing
up at me. even the rollercoaster
glanced over his shoulder.
i don't know if i wanted this fame.
i just wanted a balloon to tie to my wrist
& call "father." i saw my car
down there, belly up like a dead frog.
i tried to think of what to do
when i landed. walk on hands & knees
& try to find a place to sleep.
the sun showed no sign
of sleeping. i broke my knees
on the fall & coiled like a snake
in the freshly mowed grass.
sang a song of tired wheels
until the rollercoaster crept back
into his den & all the rest of the people
returned to their catacombs
leaving me to wander 
like a candy wrapper. 

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