job alert email

buzzfeed wants you. god wants you.
the sidewalk has a use for your teeth.
soon, we will find a place to package you up
& ship you out. hourly jesus. 
your fingers would be good at typing 
recipes into spread sheets. what kind of mother
could we use? when you were young
you used to dream of being
a movie director. with you camera 
you would write half-stories & point
to your neighbor's mouths. you could be
a stop sign or a sailor. talk to your local 
army recruiter about fulfillment.
ask the trees on your block how long
they're been knitting the clouds.
there's a fellowship on jupiter
for diverse people & you contemplate
how long you could stand to be away 
from your father. there's several openings
at the new wendies. you could go to school again.
you could learn a skill like electrical
or plumbing or makeup. we're looking for someone
with less pairs of earrings & one more
wasp tattoo. you count your years
of communication experience back  to preschool
when everyone agreed they wanted 
to be spies. does anyone become a spy?
there's no spy job advertised 
on Indeed but if there was you would apply 
for the sake of it. who is reading
these resumes? sometimes you feel like
there's a big office in the sky. 
no one wants your small talk & your huge 
swallows of coffee. you could just say
"i really want health insurance," & hope
for the best. the morgue is hiring
a receptionist but you're over qualified
& besides it only pays 8 dollars an hour.
you are not sure if you are really 
worth more than that. what could you do
in an hour? you direct a movie
using only a stink bug on the window.
the stink bug has a 401K. earlier this year
your dad dreamed of working at a new, cleaner factory
but he was too old. you look for 
a factory for him & find nothing 
but a shoelace store. send five resumes.
practice speaking truth in the mirror.
decide which name to apologize with next.
eat a knot of hair from the drain 
& point your camera at the dark moon. 

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