easter vigil

i put my night in the machine
like a token-- tell my head
to replay your fingers against 
my arm. i'm made nothing but
a conduit for mornings 
& here i am now
standing in my backyard 
movie projectoring an afternoon
over & over.
i want you closer than any doorway.
above, a flock of geese chatter
& i tell them i am falling in love
with your voice. they squawk 
& talk about salvation. they are 
returning after a long winter.
they are flying in an arrow pointing 
towards the mountain. i tell them
to make sure they rest soon.
in this blue dawn i'm wishing
over & over that i had met you sooner.
i ask: what about january?
what about november? 
in pennsylvania 
each season brings their certain ghosts.
spring has never retrieved me like this.
dew damp against my feet. daffodils 
turning telephone & ringing.
tell me, when will i see you again?
when will i see you again?
for each hour i'm 
hunting dandelions to sustain
the bright you left me. 

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