i shout at you until you become
a gummy bear. clear as a window
& lying face up. i'm terrible 
at confrontation. the last voice
i had came from a can & the next one
i'm going to purchase on eBay.
cupping you in my palms, i carry you
to your own little plate. 
i'm very sorry
it had to happen like this. 
this will come undone soon 
when i lose all resolve. i've never
been a sturdy caster. 
what were we fighting about? nevermind
nevermind. afterall, aren't all disagreements
a matter of horseshoes 
& who is holding the stake?
here is a teaspoon of my dirt 
in exchange for your silver shovel. 
let me tell you a story 
about my parents:
they fought like weathering,
like how the Appalachian mountains
are losing their faces
an inch or so at a time
while other mountains still find 
the urge to reach. 
there they are pushing like bird beaks 
into the ripe spring clouds.
i honed this technique to stop
my trembling. i'm told i have
a molten core but haven't seen it. 
apologies apologies. in the sink
there is a bullhorn you can blown into
if you want to make me regret what i said. 
i take back 
my taking back. i meant what i said 
when i promised to eat nothing but sugar 
until you tend me 
like you should. 
here is the ransome letter
for the years you didn't do very well.
i was the gummy bear too. clear 
& mystery flavor. stood still
in fear. pressed between 
a forefinger & index. tell me
what you know about change?
how quickly can you shift
your expectations? i can 
yank the table cloth out
from under my tongue. my door
sheds its lock every single time
i try. watch me. 
clench your fists
if you want so badly to be undone. 
you were good at sugar. you were
a warble in the kitchen. windows
blink. my eyelashes shake 
like leaves. now tell me a story 
about your parents. mine perch
like songbirds on the car roof
i say, "i have to go."
you say, "i need more time." 

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