on the side of the highway flowers bloom like spotlights

& your face is as bright as any omen.
i cut holes in the wall to access the future
where we will be happily. take my hand 
like a steering wheel. hitch the horse
to the dumbwaiter. i have a ghost story for you 
about how each lover haunts the next & the next.
the world is a scheme of last weeks & 
in a few years but i love you now like
glass combat boots & ivy.  
roadkill shadows strech & shimmy 
up the block. A clumsy deer & 
an asterisked raccoon. i would like to
take your shadow & hold them hostage.
touch your shadow's smooth shoulders.
Feed your shadow spoonfuls of honey until
it gives into gold. you are the most beautiful human
for this moment. i am asking each tree i pass
to learn how to grow apples. temptation 
is not in the fruit-flesh but in the seed.
i was eve before i transitioned. i fed boys apples
& told them it was their fault. i shaved my head
in a lava flow & watched as each strand glowed.
now you are here & you are kissing me.
i am the leaf & the are the tree. if i kneel here,
what kind of worship do you prefer? sacrifice 
has many methods. we could even just 
watch as the leftover horses spill
into the creek. i have a campsite 
in my closet for whenever you're feeling
more tangible. cut a lock of hair.
those bright bright flowers with their 
nail files & their false teeth. they have
no right trying to eclipse you in glow.
i'm going to cut them down & vase them
in the kitchen. when i was dying 
my mother brought me a bouquet. i felt 
loved & special like i was in a concert. 
the roadkill thought i was
being dramatic. i was. i really was. 
enough of that though. here is the apple
& here is my little garden 
where i ask the dirt for asparagus 
& just recieve old wedding rings.
if you find one you like you can keep it.
just don't tell the shadows. 

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