superficial blood vessels

measuring interval between 
skin & blood. me, the map table,
you the protector. i spent mouths 
like cans of gold. click of
metal. pistons of your neck.
took the paddle boat across a canal
where beneath the water clams 
traded stories of ship bellies
& their own pearled hearts.
an island can hang around for 
only an evening or two but it's neccesary
to dock & find what you can.
in your hair i picked out onyx 
& ameythyst. made a necklace for
a passing tree. put a key 
under my tongue till it sweetened.
there is always more eating to be done.
more packing. more promises to knit
one after the other. why is it 
i want so quickly to be loved forever?
several times i have etched this
into skin. told a boy or a girl 
or a lover to turn over & try to guess
what i'm writing on across their backs.
i trace their name & then mine.
i turned over like a lighthouse beacon. 
find the ocean everyone keeps secret.
you make a wind tunnel 
of my voice box. i turn radio.
antenae curled into aluminum root.
i hold you. cuff you to a glimpse.
a chain around my neck. when we sleep
i dream of jungle gyms in the surf.
teeth & tongue. clam pursing their lips.
a shovel slid into sand. my mouth
on your neck. the telephone poll ringing.
i want to always feel like this.
give & take a breach. 

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