roller coaster tycoon

we built execution amusements 
in the dim moniter's light.
key board like a school of teeth,
my brother & i took turns crafting
half-finished loops & foot-paths
to nowhere. watched our patrons
inspect our handiwork with fear 
& curiosity. their generated skeletons
like the future frames of coasters.
one spiral into another & another.
days passed in the snowglobe.
the sun, a pixel dream. blinds drawn
outside summer sweat herself to sleep.
our hands slick with anitcipation 
as we built a hill that scraped 
they moon's chest. i thought to myself
how much i would like to be a guest
in my own pleasure. would like
to wander the park grounds
as too inexperienced gods 
placed & removed the ground beneath me.
stand in line for a ride to oblivian.
emerge again at the gate. before bed
after our showers my brother asked me
"do you think hurting video game people
hurts real people somewhere?" i said
"no," even though i was unsure.
the older brother's job is to 
eat the young brother's doubt.
i laid awake after he fell asleep
in the bunk beneath me. i felt 
the sleeping computer. our broken coasters
spitting bodies into the grass.
knew something was wrong with this
& felt the need to fix all our wrongs.
turn the computer on & complete
each ride so that nothing catastrophed.
i heard cart after cart spilling. our severed loop
like a steele half-smile.

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