snake skin

i shed the power switch.
legs gone & planted like windmills.
stockings hung from the poll 
like invitation or banner. a nation 
loomed like a sive. cheese clothe 
for moon rocks. i'm milking all i can
from this reptilian affair. hopscotching 
my scales all the way home to the egg.
a tape measure for judging chicken
from lizard. shucking socks
like skin. sweat thickening to rubber.
bounce ball off bricks until 
the brink is heavy & visible.
taking my fangs out & sitting them 
on the kitchen counter like knives.
ankles escaped & escapading all the way
to the underworld. i'm drawn to 
starting new only in disastrous ways.
deforest the playground & dig 
barehanded in mulch. 
goodbye goodbye & white hankerchief
& dressing room mirror that makes 
you look thin as a branch.
i collect the old skin in mason jars.
float them out to sea via river.
bobbing old carapaces. what's the point
of moisture? in the end 
the dry finds every wallpaper.
curling at the edges. your snake 
[insert intimacy here] is more ready
than ever. fresh playground 
of flesh. i knew green before 
anyone else in nowhere. belly 
to soil. sun on my back.
i'm looking for the perfect rock
to graze across. test the tear.
turn ribbon by the dusk red.
leave another sheild 
melting in the dew. 

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