extension cord

i walk out to the middle of corn field 
& lay on my back, looking up
at the great greening sky. the stalks 
are still low this early in the season.
closing my eyes, i ask god for a television
& one falls beside me. boxy & old.
probably flung from a back room.
god often only donates what is no longer
of use to him. i set the TV on my lap
& promise to feed him energy. plug him in
somewhere eternal. only, there are no plugs
in the midst of a corn field. cradle him.
smooth his forehead. i too was once
just a television. patient for feeding.
a simulation of geese glide over head
on a loop. the glitch is still being worked out
but that's what they've said all year.
sometimes i look at my hand & then it's gone.
nothing but bone & smog. the house's power strip 
shutters & groans. i leave the TV 
in the field where he is safe & travel
to the sources. find my outlet weeping
& tell it's alright. it's coming. she calms down.
nothing is coming, i just wanted to comfort her.
then from the den i find an extension cord: 
coarse from use. knicks all along the throat.
stroll the miles & miles back into the field.
field of sway & drone & fire hazard. field of
lime sound & loneliness. i find the television 
right where i left him. push the plug
into his back & watch the static storm.
voices behind a wool veil. 
lay down again & listen.

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