grounding poem

let's breathe like orchids. i want to be
a castle in the midst of a latest water or else,
drowning, i'd like to have long hair again.
hearing a foot step dragon. where do i belong?
where belongs me? 
my lightning rods turn to pasta. a storm cloud
asks what it should call me. i want the old life--
the one without anything at all. i just laid 
& ate parsnips. i was basically dead.
the air was cold & bruised. i love the way
a wound can remove you from yourself.
standing above you say, "yes that is
my muscle surfacing." a box cutter grow 
under the big pine tree & i asked why it is
we have to decision our way always
into bedroom. the blinds blink themselves away
until i'm just one wide wide window.
i would like to wire my mouth shut. i'd like
chickens in the yard. to wash my hair 
in the jupiter sink. love you without urgency
or detonation. i don't know if i can do that.
my heart is a tomato timer or a pin cushion.
all i know how to do is say, "more more more."
in the before times, we would eat at the food court
& the park bench & the train unspooled us
like maple candy. like an orange, peeling off each lobe
& feeding you. sweet as ice bergs. sharp 
as new boys. i'm standing here
& swaying like a state-of-the-art old tree. 

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