ocd seimotics 

you are not your face but 
the disappeared in the right mirror.
when did a motion become a function
of the worm's worry? i need hands like
i need water. drinking in fists.
i should have been born a gyroscope.
could have been all kinds of lean.
just wanting please one morning
where the sun calls my name like she once had.
no more legs, just paragraphs & parables.
how do you learn to save yourself?
the trees slipping their feet out of their slippers
& running like wind tunnels. i just want
an easier body. one less box for the eagle.
twin scissors on the staircase making
an arguement for more salt more salt.
blue mold lodged in cheese like crown jewels.
i want to lose everything in this.
throwing the suitecase down the stairs
to have it spill at the bottom.
please i want to be less dire & pressing.
just want to flip the noontime 
like a lily-lever. no more rush
just silt & old stream. 

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