do you recall your green smallness?
how we ambled across leaf
finding manna on every furrow?
above, the birds gave each other wedding rings.
the lady bugs set up a phonograph
& danced like supper plates. all we could do
was think of teeth. our mandibles knitting
the body behind us. sweet nectar.
stories of the first mother
who fell down & shattered to make us.
tell me friend, how miniature would you be
if you could? i think i would want
to be so tiny not even the wind
could see me. i would want to walk
in circles around tongues unfelt 
& undiscovered. they say life comes
in circles but mine has always arrived
spherical. hula hoops roll 
up & down a driveway. animals 
with all kinds of machines. trees 
holding binoculars. two boys kissing
between the tall grass. summer was
nothing but a picture show. sitting down,
eating, we could feel the sweat 
of all the tomorrows. sun dipped in milk.
you are a good friend. you should
join me & traveling to another leaf.
my favorite is basil. reminds me 
of children. of being new & wild.
i am old now & soon to be part of the grass.
tell me though, tell me, just how minute 
you would live? i want to fit you
in my heart. carry you to every taste.
deliver you were everything is verdant
& everything is us.   

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