candied scorpian 

i wanted to run the knife
through sugar. with dried figs in my pockets,
i coaxed spiders from their bitterness.
taught the fox to waltz. in the graveyard,
using a tomb stone as a coffee table
we read the news & decided the world 
wasn't the world anymore. watched as
an airplane crashed into a jello mold.
witnessed the death of the final birds.
each turned into feathered tortes.
what does it mean to truly swallow?
in my chest i felt the insects 
as they rebeled against destiny.
some bugs had rosary beads. some were
rosary beads. god tastes like smoke 
& oranges. a pile of rind. candied scorpians
fresh from between the floor boards.
removing the stinger with two fingers.
a jar of venom. a jar of poison. 
the scorpians, eaten whole, awake
inside my ankles. whispering their sugars.
trying to gasp. i want to consume 
everything that could kill me. press car rides
between my ribs. swim with rocks.
ask the bear for a spare coin. 
the bus route is a spaghetti zoo. no telling
what street will be the next ice berg.
one more bite & then we can head out.
teeth to the moon. cutting out lips
on the rims of soda cans. the dream
is carbonated. i am never full. 

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