i wake up before you
& find the sun in a can of peaches.
stand in your kichen
& chat with the bamboo plant before
asking the mountains what time it is.
they are always unsure. nodding
their tree-lined heads.
i wash dreams from my face.
in the night, i saw us
walking in a snow storm.
white swallowing each street lamp.
i held your arm for balance
& you held mine. a swing dangled
from the moon. pushed you
& we kissed like high schoolers.
in your city, roads twist & knot
beneath the spilled stars. i wake up
before you & think
"my life is real." you make my days
split open fresh & orange.
last night on your street
i saw our shadows &, startled, i said
"i mistook our shadows for ourselves."
there is so much of you to love.
my shadow runs his fingers through
your shadow's hair. i wake up before you
& see our life in galloons. full &
overflowing. i wake up before you
& slip back in bed where your skin
is a kingdom. where i tell my shadow
"this is how i want to spend
each eggshell." open & bright.

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