I want to put on the right atmospheric
Pressure. Several holes in the ceiling
Were left there by the last tenants.
I stare right through to a space ship.
Glowing crown of abduction & then nothing
But cellophane night. How do you open
Your sleep? I keep a jar of straws ready.
Another hurricane with my name approaches
My oldest shoes & turns them over like
Life rafts. I suck the pink from flowers
To use for a future gender. Spend all day
In my slippers without noticing. A long
Sunlight-sleepover with my own specters.
Scraping extra statues from the walls
& listing them on eBay. I need a few
Hundred dollars if I’m going to buy
A bicycle. These times call for
Man power. Legs peddling. Tightropes
Multiply & I get so thin I don’t need
To pay them any mind. I was radical
But I’m an inexpensive way. Nothing is
Really biodegradable except for flesh &
Sometimes hope. Leaf flesh & orange pith & dead bird. Plastic afternoon. Plastic
Slippers to wear out to the graveyard
Where no one is buried yet.
Some would call this just a field.

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