Tracing Your Mouth with Purple Lipstick  

Holding my hand steady,
I ask each wheel of your face
Where we want to arrive. Smooth
Foundation around your eyes.
Mouth circled wider & wider.
Purple as a carrot. Your porcelain bone.
I tell you I love doing other people’s
Makeup because I get to marvel at how
Individual our features are. On my own
Face, my eyes whirl off into their own
Biomes—- sprout roots. Become each
A different animal. My dark eyebrows.
Now, the light hairs of your lashes.
Smooth chin where a crabapple tree
Once grew wild & sweet. What a pleasure
To be a visitor in my lover’s face.
Running the doe foot across your lips,
I want to ask you to kiss me. Leave
Footprints where I once had freckles.
Climb my nose like a cliff side.
Watch the trees starting to turn
Septemberly gold. There are caves
Deep as the worlds chest
Without as much to gather from
as your face. I leave each glance with
amethyst in my lungs.
Run my thumb across your
Soft skin as I tell you I’m finished.
We look in the mirror together.
Our faces are round planets meeting
Where the universe puts on only dresses.

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