doll house w/ mice

pretending to be human?
i wonder aloud as we watch mice
make their way to doll house.
they carry pocket watches & stolen sugar.
stand on plastic beds & peer out
windows. the doll house is a bisection.
a dream clock & a soiled planet.
door bell rings again. knock knock.
is it our house or the doll house?
the doll house. one is the mother 
& one is the father & the others decide
to be children. imagine picking 
your family title out of thin air?
they put on clothes. we undress.
mice making plastic dinner. us opening
a can of ravioli. two spoons. 
mice washing their hands & faces.
you combing my hair. knots like
new knuckles. i don't want to miss
a moment of this house. ask the mice
if they want to be big balloons like us.
the top of my head skirting ceiling.
mice playing tiny pianos & inventing manners.
dictionaries in their hears.
dining room table. our mother sleeping
like a den of pillows. the mice mother
laying in the bathtub considering 
graveyards & burials. wooden spoons
for all of us. come on now,
i plead. wouldn't you like 
to eat gold from tupperware?
babies turn to shoes. you leave 
for midnight soccer practice
or basketball court dancing.
i close the doll house. stop watching.
open a window & consider tossing
the doll house out. watch it grow wings.
watch it fly south for the winter.
i don't. instead, i toss out
a dinner plate. hear it shatter 
on the driveway. my father returns
& leaves in the same breath.
the mice discuss the world "generation."
i listen & take notes.

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