prayer to god for a more dangerous gender

may i wear burning bush dresses.
watch my hair catch. singe past bone.
turn diamond from the heat. hoard pearls
beneath my tongue. a dress is always a portal.
when i was a boy-girl, my sex lived inside
a taser. may my sex dwell only in ocean trenches
where, pryed open by tectonic plates, i sigh volcanic.
may i cut off all my hair
& it grow back indigo. may all my lovers
know my name without me having to speak it.
a name is a kind of dress. may i be, 
as often as possible, a boy in a dress.
at the dawn of gender there was only green.
drying my old hearts in the sun like prunes.
please, i do not want to be valid or true.
i only want icicles dangling from my every move.
thighs made of swimming pools. a biology 
without & tunnels. may women see me & think
"i no longer crave sisterhood." men graze
in the meadows of my shoes. a full-length mirror
to drink from. neighbors pouring salt circles
around their homes. i want an infectious gender.
for everyone on my block to wake up
& crave lavender. mouthfuls of purple.
closing our eyes for a whole day. may i 
only sing siren-voiced. may my songs 
lead ships on dry land. streets flood 
with pleasure. every mailbox is
a sex organ. opening the lid. slipping 
my hand inside. envelops of "yes, more."
may my hands always both ignite 
& cool. may i be as wet as morning grass.
may my gender arrive & depart
like a moth to a light. head blaring 
to meet the false sun. 


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