scrape pink from my carapace
& give the clothesline my secrets.
i stuff all my worries into one sock
& hurl it off the side of the row boat.
by the ocean, a giant squid's carcass
is making landfall. soon, the humans
will believe in monsters.
eyes like dinner bells. too late
for a new tire. standing on 
the side of the highway & waiting 
for a father or for god. i invent
disasters for entertainment or survival.
took a pocket knife to my stockings
so i could breathe. there is no outside
vs. inside. there's only fruit
& rind. if you eat the rind
you eat the elsewhere. i have a right
to know where my shoes go
when i sleep. little journey 
to the basketball court to play 
with the others. i want to sleep.
i want to use the moon as a record
& see what songs she's hiding.
if i am seasonal, please divide me.
don't wipe your faces or wrists.
become nector goddesses.
wear bees for rings. what does it mean
to be whole? with a rind touched?
i don't know what i would do 
with all that thick skin.
i might be lucky then to be 
a pinwheel of bruises. each 
sweeter than the last. 

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