universe poem

in a blender, a star becomes
a pale of gold. on a lunar beach
there are space sea gulls feeding
on lollipops that escaped orbit.
often, i'll find tiny universes
where i don't expect. opened my pocket
& grazed the edge of a black hole.
opened my closet to find nothing
but cosmos, thick & blue.
there are too many stop lights 
& not enough moons. a car parks
on my street nearly every morning
& beeps the horn loud & long.
they are taking someone each time
to another sun. i wish when 
i looked up at the night sky
stars would crawl like aphids.
a great flower blooms & universe bees
come to visit as a pilgrimage.
i, on the other hand, have never even
left the atmosphere. there are billionaires
with space suites who have never heard
what the black of space will say 
if you cup a hand around your ear.
telescopes are spiritual instruments.
staring the universe in her wild face.
freckled with space junk. 
i walk down a side street at night
feel a universe in the bushes 
& another in the street lamp.
quicken my pace. i don't have time
for how large everything is.
i prefer inner-tubes & lakes.
a park with a looping trail
exactly one mile long. the universe
winks with blue headlights. 
i trip on my own electric
before the car honks. 
it is morning. 

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