milk bowl

i drank from the hard drive
as deeply as i could. nose damp
with cream. in the pasture, all the cows
gossiped about being replaced 
by machines. i kept a plastic straw 
in my pocket just incase there was
a tall glass of ivory. elephants 
have taken to playing pianos 
as an act of reclamation. i know my bones
will not last the next earth quake.
it is dangerous to attach yourself
too much to your flaws. i hold my mistakes
by their hands & walk them down to the creek.
a heron sells used watches. by body
no longer swallows. instead, i stack quarters
underneath my tongue. everyone has a designated 
parking meter. a quarter per day. it is not known
what would happen if you don't pay. i woulod like
to find out. nothing happens anymore. even clouds
are kneeling & praying for a second winter.
i for one wouold like nothing more than a hail storm.
only, i want the hail to be glass. the sky
the mirror it was always supposed to be.
if i could go the rest of my life without hunger
there would be nothing else to be afraid of.
will you dine with me from the cermaic bowl.
the stray cats have a practice of drinking
the moon's shadow from a bowl of water.
lay down with me. let us be feline
or at least carnivores. my teeth
are thimbles of blood. the year is old.

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