requited palm in the bee hive.
my hands evolved to honey. sticky
between fingers. golden words
spit at your teeth like brick walls.
all i had in the parallel you.
i lift my arm. you lift yours.
oceans reduced to blankets & sheets.
sleeping monsters clasping hands.
your breath a shared engine. we could
have been one palace. i go in with
a diamond shovel. unearth the quartz
& dinosaur teeth. you sigh.
planets crack open to reveal 
their dragons. this is all i could
ever want. to watch you & to watch me.
the symmetry of birch trees 
& their water reflections. no more rooves,
rain comes down on us in bed. 
thunder tossing candles from shelves.
nothing will ever burn again after this.
what if i broke the rice paper curtain 
& kissed your back? planted tulip bulbs
on your neck? i want to hear you ask
for more than the moon could carry.
i will crawl on all fours for years
because of you. we laugh like only 
copper-rich fountains can. i'm laying tile
on every wall i find. these are our shoulders.
this is both our bed.

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