amusement park mirage

we have been walking for
eight years when we come upon 
the nest of steel & wood.
a bird flies from one of our mouths
to the other. what we want 
is a boiling laughter.
one that can loosen all our bones
& remind us that despite 
the cyborg parts, we are human.
aren't we? another says,
"i no longer believe in delight."
she'll soon turn into a red button.
watching the machines move
i remember how as children 
the moon used to come down
for one night & one night only
to dance with us in the playroom.
we use handkerchiefes to cover
our chapped lips. all the windows
in the world are vacant. 
searching trash cans for styrafoam
& straws. i fill my pockets 
with colorful garbage.
don't know if i can board 
the ghost hurtling through cloud.
i've taken so much work 
to stay alive & now all i crave
is monsterous movement.
oh the feeling of air fiercely 
across base skin. for so long
all i've been is foot steps
in the grit planet. here.
here maybe i could plunder 
a feather. find a well in the sky 
& drink it dry all by myself.
a dream of selfishness. 
riding a cycle alone. not letting
anyone else cling to my ankles.
we get closer just to find 
a chain link fence
tall as an old oak tree.
we line up in a row, fingers
through the metal knots. 
nothing at all but a cliff 
on the other side. did we all 
see the coasters. blinking 
gumdrop lights. the threat
of abandon. or was it just me?
i am too afraid of sharing
what i thought i saw. or, really
the fact that i only thought i saw it.
instead we agree it is 
a dead end. where dead really mean 
emptied. i am terrified
knowing now what i really want
is a beast to rip me from myself.
play with my body like a doll 
& place me back from where i came.
even the moon is dead. 

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